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HazeHer is a website where crazy sorority girls submit their sorority hazing humiliation videos to win 10,000 $$$...
This time @ HazeHer : Gamma Phi sorority hazing from California

" Hey guys, Becky from Gamma Phi sorority here. We heard about website where we can send to our crazy sorority videos..So believe it or not- but we made one.
It all started some lazy Sunday when we invited these poor pledges for some our sorority "rituals". We made these girls strip naked on pool and flushed them around with cold water.

But this was just the beginning... After this "cold lesson" of obedience, we had other task for these poor girls...
We strapon fucked them and dildoed their buttholes and pussies.

These poor bitches were almost screaming, but we showed them no mercy... We are Gamma Phi sorority at last, and you have to obey our rules and be tough to be part of our team...
After all that we enjoyed good old pussy licking that these whores offered us. It lasted for something like 1 hour, so we didnt complain ;-) "

We hope that it all made your horny and excited...Well, that's what for we got paid anyway 10,000 $$$ by submitting this crazy shit..,
So enjoy it ! And watch our movies from this hazing session HERE.