Hazing during workout – shocking Saturday

So here is another HazeHer update for you guys…

This Saturday afternoon girls from Minnesota were bored…And not because – they were from Minnesota and it was nothing to do – as usually – in this place…Main reason for that was that semester ended for all sorority girls. Those from them who wanted to join sorority sisterhood, did that before…The others… well, lets say that they hadn’t easy life in this college. So what is the best thing to do when you are bored ? Some people eat, some people just read books and lay in bed – but these super sexy sorority sisters had other activity – workout. 

They wanted to have their body superfit to be attractive in college and in their small towns, somewhere somewhere…But girls made devilish invention to their usual workout – they invited poor pledges to have some fun with them. So they made pledges get naked and start doing all this crazy workout stuff, like dancing, pushups, jumping (with young boobs bouncing) etc. etc. Poor girls had to make it all GOOD…Real good…Sorority sisters even made them sing song during that !

Later all pledges were spanked hard and got their pussies and asses “inspected” by fingers of sorority sisters – deep inside … !

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Sorority hazing in dorm room – submissive pledges

Welcome back guys. Whoever had any doubts that this sorority hazing goes on in college..There you go – today’s update is filmed in girls dorm room.

Jenna invited Cathy and Becky to her dorm room. As sorority sister well known for her cruelty she decided to have some fun that day…These new pledges were actually quite sure that they want to join sisterhood – so it was all in Jenna’s hands now…And she had also camera in her hands…So she said to the girls:
-Ay pledges, how are you today ? Ready for some fun with me ? Girls sighed quietly… – “What she wants from us today ? We did so many things already, shouldn’t we be in sisterhood already ? – they were thinking…
– Quiet there, pledges, I almost can here you what you are mumbling there…Look girls…i have camera in my hand…And I’m in the mood..So how about girls if you’d undress a little and kiss my butt in front of camera ? I need some love today. My buttocks needs some attention today..I think that you tongues are ideal things for that.
– Hmmm…Ok – whispered girls already surrended to Jenna’ superriority in this room. Yes..She was mistress and they are only two little pledges who are ready to do everything what she may want from them….

So she made them kissing her butt…As their tongues were slowly working, mistress Jenna found out jus another way to humiliate these girls in her dorm room…
Listen up bitches ! – she said. I like when you are kissing my butt, but actually I promised my girls from sorority sisterhood that I will bring them something extra today…They hadn’t watched good movie for weeks already..So how about if I bring them some movie and you will by my main characters ? My poor submissive college pledge – characters ? That are ready to do everything just to be part of our small sisterhood ?
What we have to do , sister Jenna ? – pledges already knew how to talk to someone who has them as footstool..nothing more….
Well girls…I think to give me good movie action u should both 2 undress completely and start to lick your pussies in front of me…I don’t know how it will end, but i’m so sure that it’ll be good movie…So sure, girls…And I have a lot of time…So, camera, action, girls, 3,2,1 !

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Naked house cleaning – sorority hazing once again

Welcome back guys….Ever had fantasy of bunch of naked college girls cleaning your house on their knees ? 😉 Because here it is what i’m bringing you today….
These pledges wanted to join sorority so bad that they were desperate to do anything to get in…- Anything, said sister Monica ? – Yes, we will do anyything to get in…Just let us in to your cool sorority gang- they said…
– Hmm – whispered Monica – So how about we would make these girls clean our house naked and later we force them to lick our pussies ? Sounds like fun, sister Betty ? – She asked her sorority siter Betty, who was blonde girl and in that glasses she looked like young professor…But she wasn’t profesor..She was just crazy chick from sisterhood…- Betty just nodded in agreement…

– Ok girls, faster, faster, faster – started screaming mean sister Monica to the pledge girls – Faster, i don’t want to have here anything dirty….Everything must be clean as your butt after night…- Do you have clean butts, girls ?? – she asked provocatively… Do you want me to check it ? – she smiled to herself and sister Betty….

And that was only beginning of that crazy sorority hazing ritual. Later sorority sisters forced one of fresh newcomer girls to clean bathroom with tongue…Click the pic below to watch full video from that update…Enjoy !

Sorority hazing in the woods

Welcome back to our sorority hazing stories…This time we got update from some college located in nowhere-middle-usa…Crazy girls from sorority siterhood woke up all pledges and forced them to walk naked in the night…outside their college….When sorority pledges did this “easy” task then real fun began ;]

Sorority sisters, all dressed in black robes haze their fresh college meat by sending them through feather bath…Later poor pledges were forced to suck some big and long sausages in front of their college friends…They aren’t that happy with this task, but you never now what young girls can do to get in to sisterhood…As you can see in this update – they will do really a lot 🙂

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College newcomers get new task – clean house naked

Welcome back, amigos ;] This time at our HazeHer blog we got new update for you – naked college girls cleaning house :).
You know, sometimes after hard college studying (ha ha), after long hours of thinking what new task these pledges can get to join college sisterhood…their mean friends made some crazy party…And as in college, it was loud, it was drunk, with a lot of crazy times…And who can clean up this after-party mess ? of course, poor newcomer girls ;]

Poor sorority girls were made to clean party-house topless (disobedient girls – naked), clean toilets not only with their hands…Later sisterhood girls ordered these poor slave bitches to shave their pussies in shower to get prepared for huge straponorgy, as this is how this event ended….It’s simple to guess who fucked who, right ;] ?

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Todays Hazeher update: Wake up bitches and lick sisters’ asses

It wasn’t a calm and quiet night in our sorority college. Pledges were brutally woken up by their kinky brats from sisterhood, putted to van and driven to some creepy and empty warehouse. What could happen there to our sorority girls ? Hazing, of course…By their mean and cruel sisters.

Just look at one of the girls from sisterhood. With that megaphone she looks like some army chicks giving the orders to the whole platoon. But this time, there is no army, just lesbian college….
So far, so good, but girls from sorority sisterhood didn’t stop their hazing here: They ordered each of the pledges to strip down naked and forced girls to lick and eat each others pussies. another part of that night’s hazing was with oil wrestling: Girl who loose had to lick pussies of all girls inside that warehouse. How cruel ! 😉

So you may still wonder: is that stuff real ? How these girls can do such things to each other? well the answers are pretty simple: even normal average college girls will do nasty things for cash.. even hazing their room mates. Nobody got really hurt of course during this update, but the level of lesbian cruelness was significally high all the time 😉 Got some friends in college that you know that they are crazy ? Crazy enough to videotape some lesbian sorority hazing in their college ? Just let them know about Haze her… They have big chance to win 10,000 bucks ! Check out the link below !

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Sorority spring Break ? No, it’s hazing Spring Inspection

Today,at our crazy sorority, pledges got new difficult task…You know, when spring comes, everyone in college thinks about their spring break, but here, at Haze Her situation is completely different 😉

Girls from sisterhood called it “Inspection”; what appears later is that the thing they inspect are pledges’ pussy and assholes…with dildos and so on. You probably haven’t seen anything like this before…

The sorority sisterhood newcomers had to pass certain requirements to be eligible to be called a sister. but that wasn’t all, these girls had to prove to their superiors that they could eat some serious pussy.You can see for yourself if these girls passed it…

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Welcome to haze her blog

Hey guys ! Let’s not talk bullshit here and get straight to to the point…. I created this blog as preview and fan page for Haze Her website. This is absolutely best REALITY lesbian femdom teen site with the hottest amateur girls in sorority hazing episodes.

Everyone knows how is hard to go start new part of life, leave parents house and go to college. Girls in my blog even know it better – how hard it is – because once upon time they had dream – to join college sisterhood. But it is not so easy for fresh newcomers…You can watch in all my blog updates what these sexy teens have to do to be a part of sisterhood…in this sorority “standard join rituals” are so humiliating that its sometimes hard to believe in what you see…But is real, for 90 % it is , let’s leave that other 10 % for these poor girls souls’ and 90 % for your viewing pleasure 😉 ! Enjoy !

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